General Foot Care

General foot care includes a range of services such as cutting nails, treatment of fungal nail infections, removing corns, reducing callus, removing and managing ingrown nails, treatment of cracked heels and general upkeep of the feet to keep them healthy and pain-free.

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are toenails that curve and grow into the skin at the edges of the nail, causing pain and possible infection.


Ingrown nails can be caused by an injury to your toe, cutting your nails too short, fungal infections, wearing the incorrect sized shoe or simply just an inherited trait.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Diabetic foot assessments are a very important area of Podiatric care. Diabetes can affect the nerves and

blood flow to the feet, which left untreated can result in ulceration, infection and in some circumstances  amputation.


Anyone with diabetes should have their feet checked regularly by a qualified podiatrist.  An annual diabetes assessment is the recommended minimal requirement.

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgeries are surgical procedures to treat recurrent nail problems such as ingrown nails.


The most common nail procedure is a partial nail avulsion.  This is performed in the Podiatrists' room under local anaesthetic.  Depending on each individual needs, the nail can be permanently removed. 

Corns and Callus

A callus is a diffuse area of high pressure where the body lays down more skin in an attempt to protect itself. It may or may not be painful.


A corn is an acute area of high pressure where the skin is laid down over a small area which then protrudes into the dermis layer of the skin where nerves are, causing pain.


Corns and calluses often occur on the top of toes, between toes and underneath the feet. Treatment requires debridement/enucleation by a qualified Podiatrist.


Orthotics are a brace that are placed into your shoe to correct an incorrectly functioning lower limb (including your hip, leg, knee, ankle or foot) to reduce pain in normal activities.


The orthotic is designed to realign your foot into a more normal position during weight bearing activities. This can reduce stress and wear throughout the body.

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